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Demo Apps for Qlik Sense

Download free AnyChart demo apps for Qlik Sense and discover the incredible power of advanced visual analytics using Qlik Sense with AnyChart extensions.
  • dormitory-construction-projects
    Active Construction Projects (DASNY)
    Explore all active dormitory construction, renovation, and repair projects in New York State where DASNY carries out some level of management oversight — by county, institution, project, architect, start year, or completion year. See how close to conclusion each work is at a glance. Switch to sorting by budget to quickly identify the most expensive projects and find out their location, manager, etc.
  • school-facility-development-projects
    School Facilities Projects (NYCSCA)
    Investigate the timeline of all school facility development projects managed by the NYC School Construction Authority that are currently ongoing or completed in the last two decades, in a transparent start-to-finish overview. Inspect budget performance across the phases and spot cost overruns and savings in an instant. Compare the original schedule projections with the actual time spans to promptly discover shortcomings and delays.
  • mobile-food-permits
    Mobile Food Facility Permits (SF Public Works)
    Run through the mobile food facility permits in San Francisco in an intuitive visualization of the official data provided by the city's Public Works department. For each vendor and location, quickly see the current status of the permit (approved, expired, inactive, issued, requested, or suspended), as well as the dates when the application was received and approved, and when the permit is set to expire.
  • population-census
    U.S. Demographics (2010 Census)
    Get a bird's-eye view of the U.S. population trends revealed by key demographic statistics from the 2010 Census — across states, divisions, and regions. Just at a glance, compare the territories by size of population and recognize where it grows slower than the national average or even declines. Drill down to different levels. Hover over to check the exact counts along with the rates of birth, death, and natural increase.
  • honey-production
    U.S. Honey Production (NASS)
    Gain rich insight into the volume and value of honey production across the United States of America as officially reported by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Know which states output the most honey. Instantly figure out and look into increases and declines in their contributions year by year. Focus on certain states or periods at a click by making use of the appropriate filters.
  • power-generation
    Power Generation in India (CEA)
    Run a quick visual analysis of power generation from thermal, nuclear, and hydro energy sources in India over the last few years — based on data delivered by the country's Central Electricity Authority through the National Power Portal. Track quarterly changes in the amount of electricity produced, overall or by type. Locate the increments and decrements that have the biggest effect nationwide and in individual regions.
  • cancer-clinic-trials
    Active Clinical Trials (RPCI)
    Grab a clear picture of the active clinical research studies conducted at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and how they progress. For each of the five most common types of cancer by primary anatomic site of origin, learn what trials are ongoing and intuitively understand which ones are closer to completion than others. Explore by cancer type, current phase, protocol, principal investigator, or start year.