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SF Mobile Food Permits

The SF Mobile Food Permits demo app for Qlik Sense uses a Resource chart to show vendor milestones. Enjoy advanced visual analytics in Qlik with AnyChart extensions.

About the app:

Run through the mobile food facility permits in San Francisco in an intuitive visualization of the official data provided by the city's Public Works department. For each vendor and location, quickly see the current status of the permit (approved, expired, inactive, issued, requested, or suspended), as well as the dates when the application was received and approved, and when the permit is set to expire.

This application features a Resource Gantt Chart built with the AnyGantt extension for Qlik Sense. The dataset is derived from a report on mobile food facility permits, which is provided by the San Francisco Department of Public Works and publicly available online.

Resource Gantt Chart:
  • The chart has 3 dimensions. Hierarchical structure:
    1. Applicant (vendor name)
    2. Location (address)
    3. Event (application-related activity)
  • The table has 3 additional columns: Facility (Truck or Push Cart), Status (Requested, Approved, Expired, etc.), and Prior Permit (ticked if obtained).
  • The index column displays location IDs using a custom expression.
  • The Status column uses HTML formatting to highlight the approved applications.
  • In AnyChart’s Resource Gantt Chart for Qlik Sense, it is possible to show multiple milestones in one row. This feature is used in this app, making sure all events related to the same location appear in the same appropriate row.
  • The milestones, representing events, are colored by expression to easily differentiate between different types of events.
  • The tooltips are formatted using HTML and contain the following additional information: location description, facility type, application status, and prior permit. The title of the tooltips includes an HTML icon colored according to the event type.
  • Timeline levels are customized.
  • Filtering by the applicant, location, and status.
  • The data contains the coordinates of the locations, and they are displayed on a map, a native Qlik Sense visualization.
  • Near the map, there is a native Qlik Sense text & image visualization showing the food description for the selected vendor location.


Download the app:

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