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NYC School Development Projects

The NYC School Development Projects demo app for Qlik Sense uses a Gantt chart to show timelines. Enjoy advanced visual analytics in Qlik with AnyChart extensions.

About the app:

Investigate the timeline of all school facility development projects managed by the NYC School Construction Authority that are currently ongoing or completed in the last two decades, in a transparent start-to-finish overview. Inspect budget performance across the phases and spot cost overruns and savings in an instant. Compare the original schedule projections with the actual time spans to promptly discover shortcomings and delays.

This application features a Project Gantt Chart built with the AnyGantt extension for Qlik Sense. The dataset is derived from a report on capital school facilities projects managed by the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA), which is publicly available online.

Project Gantt Chart:
  • The chart has 3 dimensions: School, Project, and Phase.
  • The index column is customized using an expression. It displays the building ID for School and nothing for the other dimensions.
  • The table has three additional columns: Status (specifying whether a phase is complete or in progress), Budget, and Actual Spending.
  • The text in the table is formatted using HTML.
  • For the phases with the status Complete, the text in the Status, Budget, and Actual Spending columns is colored blue. In the Actual Spending column, HTML icons are used to illustrate budget performance (cost overrun or cost-saving).
  • For the parent elements, the Actual Spending column displays total values (colored black for School and gray for Project).
  • In addition to regular elements, baseline bars are depicted where the corresponding information is available.
  • The phases with the status In-Progress are displayed as milestones with labels.
  • The tooltips are different for different dimensions. The phase tooltips are formatted using HTML and contain the following additional information: budget, final estimate, and actual spending. Also, the amount of cost savings and overruns is calculated in percentages when sufficient data is available, illustrated with the same colored HTML icons as in the table itself.
  • Filtering by all dimensions: School, Project, and Phase.
  • Filtering by several additional fields: District, Status, Budget Performance, as well as Start Year and End Year.


Download the app:

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