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Power Generation in India

The Power Generation demo app for Qlik Sense uses a Stacked Waterfall chart to show quarterly shifts. Enjoy advanced visual analytics in Qlik with AnyChart extensions.

About the app:

Run a quick visual analysis of power generation from thermal, nuclear, and hydro energy sources in India over the last few years — based on data delivered by the country’s Central Electricity Authority through the National Power Portal. Track quarterly changes in the amount of electricity produced, overall or by type. Locate the increments and decrements that have the biggest effect nationwide and in individual regions.

This application features an Advanced Waterfall Chart built with the AnyChart extension for Qlik Sense. The dataset is derived from the reports on daily power generation in India (by different types of non-renewable power sources), which are publicly available online.

Waterfall Chart:
  • The chart shows how the amount of electricity generation changed over the years, by energy source.
  • Data structure: 1 dimension + N measures.
  • The stack labels are customized. They show the amount of electricity production in absolute values, by region and overall.
  • When one or several regions are selected, the stack labels display the information about the selected region(s) only.
  • The chart features group tooltips, which show the information about all the sub-bars of the hovered bar at once.
  • The X-grid is color shaded in such a way as to facilitate identifying which bar corresponds to which year.
  • An arrow is drawn to show the percentage difference between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020.
  • Filtering by year and region.


Download the app:

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