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U.S. Demographics

The U.S. Demographics demo app for Qlik Sense features a Sunburst chart displaying population trends. Enjoy advanced visual analytics in Qlik with AnyChart extensions.

About the app:

Get a bird's-eye view of the U.S. population trends revealed by key demographic statistics from the 2010 Census — across states, divisions, and regions. Just at a glance, compare the territories by the size of population and recognize where it grows slower than the national average or even declines. Drill down to different levels. Hover over to check the exact counts along with the rates of birth, death, and natural increase.

This application features a Sunburst Chart built with the AnyChart extension for Qlik Sense. The dataset is derived from Kaggle. It contains demographic data from the 2010 United States Census.

Sunburst Chart:
  • The chart has 3 dimensions and 3 hierarchical levels: Region, Division, and State. Consequently, there are 3 rings.
  • The measure is population, which means the size of the slices is calculated based on the number of inhabitants.
  • The slices are colored by expression to enable an intuitive differentiation by the rate of natural increase (RNI). The areas where RNI is above or equal to the national average are shaded green, below it — khaki, and non-positive (zero or negative) — red.
  • The tooltips are formatted using HTML. In addition to the measure, which is population, they display the following information: birth rate, death rate, and RNI. The RNI values are accompanied by colored HTML icons hinting at how they compare to the national average and whether they are non-positive (as in the slice coloring).
  • The center of the chart contains custom text, which displays population and RNI and is formatted using HTML.
  • Filtering by each of the three dimensions.
  • A map where the states are shown.


Download the app:

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