Just added, two new helpful features for our project management bundle for Qlik Sense! Enjoy a more precise control over the visualization of your data and make better decisions!

The following new features are now available in the AnyGantt extension for Qlik Sense, version 4.1.247:

Milestones in Resource Charts

Key milestone display in Resource Gantt charts in Qlik Sense

In Resource Gantt charts, now you can display milestones. We’ve also made it possible to visualize multiple milestones with individual tooltips in one line.

Text Shadow Effect

Text shadow effect in Gantt charts for project management in Qlik Sense

Now it’s possible to tune a text shadow for most of the text elements. Shadows can enhance readability on certain backgrounds or give your visualizations more of a wow effect.

We have also added other improvements and bug fixes. See the complete release notes in the extension’s version history.

Download the new version of the AnyGantt project management bundle for Qlik Sense to try these awesome features in your Gantt chart visualizations!

What else would you like us to add or improve? Please keep the feedback coming and we will keep building!

In case you missed it, we partnered with Qlik last year and launched three intuitive extensions for data analytics and business intelligence experts using Qlik Sense. Try our Qlik extensions for free. Schedule a call for a personalized demo.