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AnyChart — 30+ Charts for Qlik

AnyChart Extension for Qlik Sense makes you a real data visualization hero. It allows you to easily create compelling interactive charts of more than thirty types and make them particularly stylish in a matter of few clicks. Colors, tooltips, labels, axes, drilldowns, and every other aspect of the interactive data visualizations powered by the AnyChart extension can be easily modified and customized on the fly natively inside intuitive Qlik environment.

Featuring carefully thought out Bar, Line, Area, Combo, Error, Circular Gauge, Bullseye, Sunburst, Waterfall and Stacked Waterfall charts, AnyChart makes it simple to effectively solve a wide range of tasks in business intelligence and analytics thanks to our advanced data visualization development techniques. Moreover, we have a consistently progressive roadmap of supplying Qlik Sense with the rest of over 70 charts currently supported in our award-winning JavaScript charting library. If you need a particular new chart type or feature, just let us know, and we'll add them asap.

No coding required. 30+ chart types. 30 day free trial.

The AnyChart Extension for Qlik download provides sample data for every visualization to help you familiarize yourself with what can be accomplished by combining AnyChart with your Qlik environment.

AnyChart has been developing charts and dashboards for over 20 years!

Our products have received a lot of recognition and awards from data visualization and software industry experts.
Finances Online Rising Star Finances Online Rising Star G2 Devies Devies CIO Review 20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Provider 2016

Current and Future Leaders trust us

More than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of startups are happy with AnyChart