We're thrilled to introduce YODA — Your Own Documents Assistant! It's our brand new, AI-driven extension for Qlik Sense designed to augment your data journey when using Qlik. And we invite you to join its public debut at QlikWorld Tour 2023!

Revealing YODA: Enrich Insights with Docs

With YODA, you can seamlessly extract insights from various documents like contracts, corporate policies, and meeting notes directly within your Qlik reports, using natural language interactions. Just activate the extension, load relevant documents (PDFs, Word files, etc.), and text your questions to YODA as you would to a human assistant, in any language. YODA swiftly analyzes your documents and provides real-time, context-rich, accurate answers.

Qlik is an amazing solution, and YODA adds a new dimension by integrating unstructured data into dashboards, providing direct access to relevant information without ever leaving your Qlik environment.

YODA in Action: Realize Its Power

YODA's versatile capabilities find practical application across diverse scenarios, including:

  • HR Dashboard: Combine YODA with a sunburst chart illustrating the company's structure. Load employment agreements and company policies. Inquire about job descriptions, vacation guidelines, and who is in charge of approvals.
  • Sales Dashboard: Integrate YODA with a decomposition tree displaying sales breakdowns. Load existing contracts. Query key terms, points of contact, and obligations for specific clients.
  • Project Dashboard: Add YODA to a Gantt chart showcasing project data and milestones. Load meeting minutes. Request summaries of past meetings, task assignments, and resolutions.

Discover YODA and More at QlikWorld Tour

We'll be presenting YODA during the 2023 QlikWorld Tour. The three remaining tour dates will feature free-to-attend events in San Francisco on August 24, NYC on September 18, and Atlanta on September 20, offering attendees the latest strides in Qlik-driven analytics and BI. AnyChart is a proud sponsor, and we invite you to stop by and meet YODA.

In addition to showcasing YODA, we will spotlight recent innovations in our visualization extensions for Qlik Sense, including Decomposition Tree and Gantt Chart.

Attending is free, but spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot asap and be among the first to experience YODA. And if you'd like some one-on-one time with the AnyChart team, feel free to schedule a meeting. You can do it all here.

We are eager to see you at QlikWorld Tour and demonstrate how you can maximize your data’s potential using Qlik with YODA and our other solutions!