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AnyChart — 30+ Charts for Qlik

AnyChart offers best-in-class data visualization solutions, and we are working hard on adding new features to make them even more flexible and intuitive at the same time. Below is the list of the new charting capabilities that we have already included in our release schedule for the AnyChart extension for Qlik Sense and are going to deliver within the specified timeframe.

How do you like our more than 30 chart types in Qlik Sense? What else should we add or change to further improve the way you visualize data using our Qlik extensions? Going the extra mile to make you happy is part of our mission, and we would highly appreciate any suggestions! Your feedback largely determines our roadmap — please contact us to share your ideas, and we will do our best to implement them in a timely manner.

Version is not assigned yet. ETA: Spring 2023
  • Combo chart
    • Stack labels
    • Alternate states in axes and exploratory menu
    • Auto balance measures by Scales
    • Alternative dimensions/measures in axis title
    • Drilldown breadcrumbs in axis title
    • Axis category padding
  • Gauges
    • Activity bar display mode
    • New pointer types
  • Waterfall
    • General extension overhaul
  • 3D Column chart
    • New extension