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Decomposition Tree Extension for Qlik Sense

The Only Way to Add Decomposition Trees to Your Qlik Sense Apps

Version 1.x History

QLIK-756 — Added the ability to add and display a second measure, contribution percentage and variance
  • Ability to add a second measure added
  • added label settings for 1st and 2nd measure such as display templates and font settings


  • QLIK-736 — made working with interactivity in edit mode easier

Bug fixes:

  • QLIK-766 — Continuous "Apply/discard changes" dialog issue fixed
Multiple Measures

Introducing the much-anticipated capability to work with multiple measures within the same decomposition tree. It allows you to set alternative measures alongside the primary one, enabling seamless switching without recreating the entire visualization.

Start by adding alternative measures in the Data tab of the properties panel. Then, when needed, click the root total element to choose a different metric for exploration.

Column Sorting

Enhancing analysis control, we've added a feature to sort elements within dimension columns in Analyze mode. As a result, organizing elements by value within columns becomes effortless, improving your ability to identify patterns and trends.

To leverage this feature, click the three dashes in a column's header and select your desired sorting order from the dropdown menu: ascending, descending, or revert to the default order defined in the Sorting section of the properties panel in Edit mode, which can be alphabetical or expression-based.

Column Header Customization

In line with providing you a personalized experience, we've implemented the ability to customize the appearance of dimension column headers. So now you can easily adjust the headers' visual elements to match your preferred style or align with your organization's branding.

Access these settings by navigating to Appearance > Header Settings. Customization options include font styles, background colors, and more.

General Styling Customization

Releasing an array of general styling options to customize your decomposition tree visualizations. These improvements encompass background color and background image, as well as title, subtitle, and footnote texts, enabling you to easily align your data presentation with your design vision.

Access and configure these settings within the properties panel, specifically under the Styling > General section. Here, you can select font styles, color schemes, and more to tailor your visuals to your preferences.


  • QLIK-690 — Introduced a preloader for expansion in non-flex mode.
  • QLIK-705 — The menu width now adapts to fit its displayed content.
  • QLIK-706 — In flex mode, the last column now expands immediately without requiring selection from the menu.
  • QLIK-707 — Added a Presentation > Styling section for configuring background, bar, and connector colors.
  • QLIK-708 — Incorporated customization options for the text of items within columns (style, color, family).
  • QLIK-709 — Improved the paging experience.

Bug fixes:

  • QLIK-688 — Fixed an issue where columns in flex mode were incorrectly displayed after removing an intermediate one.
  • QLIK-689 — Resolved a bug causing duplicate item occurrences within columns.
  • QLIK-698 — Fixed a bug that prevented expansion when selecting a dimension in the expand menu.
  • QLIK-700 — Rectified auto-mode coloring for the master measure.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Decomposition Tree} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Decomposition Tree

AnyChart is proud to release the Decomposition Tree extension for Qlik Sense! Enjoy true ad hoc reporting across multiple dimensions and root cause analysis with our decomposition tree — the only chart type of its kind in Qlik!

  • Slice and Dice reporting based on each user's preference
  • Conditional coloring for easy viewing
  • Multiple view modes for easy integration into your Qlik environment

See the Decomposition Tree Features demo app for Qlik Sense.