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AnyChart — 30+ Charts for Qlik

Version 2.x History

Sankey Chart} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Sankey Chart

A Sankey diagram, or chart, named after Captain Matthew Sankey, is a flow diagram that shows nodes linked by flows, the quantity of each flow being represented as its width. This chart type emphasizes the major transfers or flows within a system and helps to locate dominant contributions to an overall flow.

Reset to default settings} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Reset to default settings

User interface extended with reset buttons that allow to reset settings to default values. It can be done on an exact input field and on the whole setting panel level.


  • Updated inputs with function values behaviour

  • Fixed bug in custom scale panels

Tag Cloud} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Tag Cloud

A tag cloud, otherwise known as a word cloud or weighted list, is a visual representation of text data. This chart is typically used to show keyword metadata (tags) on websites, or to visualize free form text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag, which is often based on its frequency, is shown with font size or color.


  • Improved data fetching mechanism.


  • Added 'Export to PDF' and 'Export as an image' functionality support

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed series names (labels) update bug

Multiple scales for axes and series} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Multiple scales for axes and series

Additional scales of Ordinal, Linear, Logarithmic and DateTime type can now be used. Scales can be set to series, grids and other objects. You can also configure the default chart scale.

Localization Support} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Localization Support

Anychart Qlik Extension now supports full localization of input and output date/time and number formats, based on the AnyChart locale mechanism. Learn more about localization here.

Falling/Rising coloring controls for Waterfall and OHLC series} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Falling/Rising coloring controls for Waterfall and OHLC series

Total/falling/rising colors can now be configured for waterfall, candlestick and ohlc series.

Labels rotation settings} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Labels rotation settings

Series and axes labels can now be rotated.

Linear Gauges} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Linear Gauges

The Linear Gauge is a visualization of tools with a linear scale, such as thermometers, tanks, color indicators (LED), and so on. Data values can be displayed on a linear gauge axis with the help of pointers, markers, or ranges.

Circular Gauges} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
Circular Gauges

A Circular Gauge is a type of gauges with a radial scale such as speedometer, ammeter, voltmeter etc. The specified value is displayed on Circular Gauge axis using a pointer or a marker or a range.

New features:

  • Data Field Tokens

  • Series Name from data

  • Multidimensional Behavior

New Chart Type Select Control} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
New Chart Type Select Control

New Chart Type Select Control provides an easy, convenient way to select chart type in Chart Editor interface. It gives you an ability to utilize all power of filters and chart preview images.

AnyChart Qlik Demo Application} | Robust JavaScript/HTML5 charts | AnyChart
AnyChart Qlik Demo Application

AnyChart Qlik Demo Application is a anychart-qlik-demo-application.qvf file which contains several sheets with all chart types available in AnyChart Qlik Extension. This Demo Applications files allows you to learn all the power of AnyChart Charts in combination with Qlik Data Analytics Platform.


  • Added Pie Chart specific setting tab

  • Added config.js file with Qlik measures and dimensions settings

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with DateTime text formatting

  • Fixed bug when Chart Editor don't receive more than 6 measures

New chart types:


  • Series now inherit their names from the measure labels

  • Now you can use measures label as dataset field names

  • Added ability to set data label position settings

New features:

  • Chart Title settings

  • Data Points Labels settings

  • Series settings

  • Grids settings