If you're heading to Qlik Connect next week (June 3–5), don't miss out on the chance to test your data smarts with our fun, interactive game, "Connections." It’s not only a challenge of knowledge but also an opportunity to win an iPad!

How to Participate

Connections Game, Qlik Connect
  1. Navigate to the Connections game on our Qlik Connect event page.
  2. Find four groups of four related items.
  3. Show your win screen to Mark Peters at Booth #807 and register for the lucky draw.

Prize Details

The lucky winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, June 5, at Booth #807. If you win, you can pick up your brand-new iPad right there — no strings attached!

Unlimited Chances

Don't worry if you don’t succeed on your first try; you have unlimited replays.

Plus, we've scattered hints throughout — from leaflets and the eye-catching back wall of our booth to the Qlik Connect page with the game itself.

If you find yourself stuck, just ask Mark Peters at Booth #807. He's there to help you decipher the clues and understand the game mechanics on the spot.

Engage, Enjoy, and Maybe Even Win

Ready to put your data literacy to the test? Visit us at Booth #807, engage with the challenges, and enjoy the process. Who knows? You might just walk away with a brand-new iPad.

Good luck, and see you at Qlik Connect 2024!