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Version 1.x History

Stable public release:

Version 1.0.0 of the AnyChart visualization extension for Qlik makes a number of pre-built chart types and massive out-of-the-box capabilities of the AnyChart JavaScript (HTML5) charting library available in Qlik Sense. More charts and features are coming up.

Qlik Charts Delivered:

Area charts:
  • area chart
  • spline area chart
  • step line area chart
  • stacked area chart
  • stacked spline area chart
  • percent stacked area chart
  • percent stacked spline area chart
  • percent stacked step line area chart
Bar charts:
  • bar chart
  • stacked bar chart
  • percent stacked bar chart
Column charts:
  • column chart
  • stacked column chart
  • percent stacked column chart
Line charts:
  • line chart
  • spline chart
  • step line chart
Pie charts:
  • pie chart
  • donut chart
Scatter charts:
  • marker chart
  • line chart