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Intellectualize project management by visualizing tasks and resources

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Streamline smart decision-making by letting data speak, with ease

AnyStock - Time Charts for Qlik

Discover graph-driven insights into stock or general time-series data

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Top-Notch Gantt Charts in Qlik Sense

Project management is the cornerstone of any business success, and Gantt charts are a great tool to boost its effectiveness ensuring insightful, data-driven activity scheduling and resource allocation. AnyGantt Extension for Qlik Sense gives you the power to create such smart visualizations real quick in Qlik, the best software for BI experts and analysts to deal with data.

Easily make intelligent, interactive Gantt charts in an intuitive interface to define project tasks, assign them to the team, track in-progress assignments, monitor resource occupancy, and do other related management activities based on data. Enjoy numerous data visualization features of AnyGantt for the best possible user experience, including zoom, HTML tooltips and labels, flexible timeline, rich data grid control, and much more — all easily configurable and customizable.

First-Rate Stock Graphs in Qlik Sense

AnyStock Extension for Qlik Sense is a cutting-edge tool to create stylish stock or general time-series graphs in just a few clicks — with the ease one has come to expect from Qlik. Depending on what data you are going to explore and what questions you want it to answer, choose from 7 series visualization types — area, candlestick, column, line, open-high-low-close (OHLC), spline, or spline area.

When it comes to researching large amounts of data, add technical indicators to identify trends and patterns using mathematics-based technical analysis algorithms — AnyStock has pre-built indicators and counting. View, scroll, zoom, and group your financial, stock, or any date/time-based data as simply as never once it's visualized using our dedicated, intuitive charting extension.

Dozens of chart types for your Apps, Mashups and Dashboards AnyChart では独創的な 64 種類のチャートタイプを表示することができ、独自のチャートタイプを作成するための機能が提供されています。

AnyChart Has Been Developing Charts and Dashboards for Over 15 Years! Our products have received a lot of recognition and awards from data visualization and software industry experts.