AnyChart Extension for Qlik AnyChart Visualization Library extension for Qlik

AnyChart Extensions are fully customizable charting extensions built to improve visualizations natively in the Qlik environment.

AnyChart adds entirely new chart types, and extends the ability to further customize existing visualizations beyond their current possibilities.

The AnyChart Extension for Qlik download provides sample data for every visualization to help you familiarize yourself with what can be accomplished by combining AnyChart with your Qlik environment.

AnyChart Extension for Qlik Demo

No coding required. 36 chart types. 30 day free trial.

AnyChart has been developing charts and dashboards for over 15 years! Our products have received a lot of recognition and awards from data visualization and software industry experts.

AnyChart Awards

現在および次世代のリーダーから信頼を得ています Fortune 500 企業の 75%以上と数千社もの新興企業が AnyChart に満足しています